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Oleg Petrov
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This article will explain the usage of the "pin" function in the recruiter-view of the CRM.


Where is the function❓

The function can be found under the pool category in the recruiter-view. First you select the pool you want to pin and hit the button with the three dots. 

After you hit the button, multiple functions will appear. Then you are able to select the "Pin the pool" option.  Screenshot_2023-04-12_at_14.20.50.png
Subsequently a new category of pools will appear. The pinned pools are always on top of the pools and are the pools you will always see first.  Screenshot_2023-04-12_at_14.21.04.png
If you don't need the pool to be pinned anymore, you can simply hit the 3 dots button again and select the "Unpin" pool option.  Screenshot_2023-04-13_at_15.28.08.png
Of course, it is possible to have multiple pools selected.  Screenshot_2023-04-12_at_14.21.21.png
In case you don't like this view, you can also choose a different view, by hitting the view-button. Whichever is more appealing or sufficient to you and your team might be. 



The pining is intended to display the most used pools on top, for a more comfortable user experience. While using the "pin the pool" action, you will be able to always have your most important pools right after opening the Pools section.

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