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In this article you can discover the different use-cases for the pool specific filters.  

1. My pools 
2. Form 
3. Owner 
4. Job Ad 


With this new feature you are able to sort your pools according to your wants. You won't have to type out all of the pool names or scroll until you find the pools you need. 

The first step is to set up a filter. To do so, you will have to press the "Add filter" button. 



Then there is a selection of 4 different filters that you can apply. Each of them serves an individual function, which you can sort your pools by. Of course it is possible to combine those filters. 



1. My pools

The first out of those four options is the My Pools option. Hereby, you can view all of the pools that you have created yourself. 


2. Form

In the second option it is possible to select a form. 

There will be three options available which you can choose. Either a form is known, not known or there is a specific form.  Screenshot_2023-04-12_at_13.15.56.png
In case there is a specific form that you are looking for, you can select the "is"-option. 
After choosing the "is"-option, you will be able to search for the specific form that you wish to find. 
After you apply the form of your choice, all the pools that include that form will show up.  Screenshot_2023-04-12_at_13.16.49.png

In case you decide for the "is known", all the pools that have a form will appear. If you would choose the "is not known" option, all pools without a form will appear.


3. Owner

When choosing the "owner" option, everybody who has the rights to create pools will appear as a selectable option. 


Then you can select the person whose pools you wish to see and you can proceed to look at their pools. 


4. Job ad

In the forth option, it is possible to see all the pools that are linked to a job.

Correspondingly to the second option "Form", you will have 3 options available to choose from.  Screenshot_2023-04-12_at_13.27.40.png
If you choose the "is" option, you will have all the Job's that are linked to a pull listed below.  Screenshot_2023-04-12_at_13.33.07.png
After you decide which one you want need, you can hit the apply button and then all the pools with the specific job ad will appear. Screenshot_2023-04-12_at_13.28.05.png

 Of course it also possible to combine different filters with each other. After you select the first filter, you can press the select button again to select a second filter. 



After selecting the two (or more) filters, an interface between those filters will be created. 


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