Should I record a welcome and thank you video for my campaigns?

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Not only candidates should record a video to show their soft skills and make a difference among others. In fact, we recommend recruiters record a welcome thank you video to break the ice and let them know why they should join your company. This practice really takes the candidate experience to a whole new level.


Tips for creating an impactful video:
- Keep it short
- Inform the candidate of what you expect of him
- Avoid taking the video with your mobile phone
- Dress professionally
- Look straight ahead of the camera


If you follow all these tips, the candidate will be more relaxed and confident and that's exactly what they want to do an impactful video interview.



Before uploading a video to our platform, please keep in mind that we only accept the following formats: mov, mp4, mpg, webm. Also, the size should be no more than 100MB.



Warning: The mov format must never be in uppercase.

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