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Visiotalent licensees (except for the assessor license) can share candidate videos with people who do not have a Visiotalent license.

To find out how, see the article "How to share a candidate".


Actions to perform

What actions should an employee who does not have a Visiotalent license perform to see the videos shared with him or her?

First of all, it is important to know that there are two ways to share a video:

1) by e-mail: by directly entering the e-mail addresses of the people with whom the video should be shared.

2) by sharing a link with the people with whom you want to share the video(s).

In the second case, the people who receive the link will only need to click on it, enter their contact details and accept the privacy policy in order to view the video.

In the first case, however, if it is the first time that the person outside Visiotalent receives videos, they will be asked to create a "Manager" account.

An email will then be sent to them and by clicking on this email, they will be able to create an account:




Creating an account is recommended for those who frequently receive videos from people using Visiotalent. This way, after the initial creation of the account and subsequent login, the person receiving the videos will be able to access all future videos without having to re-enter their details each time videos are shared.

The password created for this account will only need to be saved so that no more time is wasted filling in the data fields every day.


Good to know

Candidate videos can now be accessed from a mobile phone. Simply click on the share link to view the videos or create an account and view the videos directly from a mobile phone.

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