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This article will explain:

  1. What is a banner? 
  2. How can banners be used? 
  3. How are banner being created? 


1. What is a banner? 

A banner is just an inserted text can appear on the employee or recruiter app. The banner will appear on the top of the Application with a color of your choosing and should not be missable. 



2. How can banners be used?

They are generally used to get a message to the user across - in case they that might miss it. 

1. If there are people who are not eligible for an incentive, you can notify all users to read the FAQ's where it should be clearly stated who is or who isn't eligible. 
2. In the case that there is a change of incentives you can ensure that everybody who will use the platform will know about the change. 
3. If there is update to the system and you want to inform every recruiter what they have to know. 

3. How are banners created? 


Important: banners are created on our side, you don't have access to the creation panel. Please contact us if you want to activate it.


Banners are created on our side. Screenshot_2023-03-07_at_14.23.54.png
You can choose whether it is supposed to be for the Employee or the recruiter. Screenshot_2023-03-07_at_14.24.08.png
We will need a text in all the languages you use on the platform.  Screenshot_2023-03-07_at_14.24.18.png
You can also decide on text and background color. Additionally you can deactivate and reactivate the banners.  Screenshot_2023-03-07_at_14.24.26.png

❗️This request is a professional service - we reserve the right to charge for these services by prior arrangement❗️

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