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Anna-Maria Fiederling
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The Talent page search bar is now optimised to use the Boolean operators and modifiers to perform an advanced search through the text-type profile fields.

How to activate and use the Boolean Search Feature 

How do the 3 operators work? 


How to activate and use the Boolean Search Feature❓

As soon as the "Advanced" button has been activated, the search line can be used for Boolean searches. In addition to the standard name, email and current position, once enabled the search will now go trough all text-type fields.

1️⃣ First visit the recruiter view and click on Talents.

▶️ Then the Talentsoverview appears


▶️ On the right hand side of the search bar you find the "Advanced" button

▶️ Here you can simply turn it on and then the Boolean Search gets activated 

👆 Boolean operators connect your search words together to either narrow or broaden your set of results. There are 3 key operators: AND, OR and NOT.

How do the three operators work❓

▶️  AND: placing AND between search keywords will allow user's results to include both (or all) of the keywords. 

▶️  OR: using OR when searching for something that has the possibility of including either set of search terms. All combination possibilities will come up.

▶️  NOT: when a user wants a specific search term NOT to appear in the results, NOT can be used before the preferred search term. 

👆 The are also Boolean modifiers 

▶️ Parentheses, ( ), are used to encapsulate OR statements. If you want results that return one word out of a group of two or more, you put them between parentheses to ensure that only one of the search terms is returned: (Sales OR Marketing OR Digital).

▶️ Quotation marks, " ", would return exactly what you typed inside the quotation marks. Therefore if you search for "project management" you will only get results containing the words "project management".

➕ Additionally, you can always use the filter function with all pre-configurable Talent fields  in combination with the Boolean Search

Boolean Search examples:

Booleanoperator Example 
AND This is great for finding candidates with a certain job title and experience in a certain industry. E.g.: Account Manager and ICT.
OR This is great for job title synonyms. E.g.: Account Manager OR Sales Executive.
NOT This is great when you are looking for something that is often combined with something else, but you only want to find one of the options. E.g.: Developer NOT Front-end developer.
( ) Account Manager AND (ICT OR IT) will show results of Account Managers in the ICT or IT branch. If the parentheses would not be used, the search would show results for Account Managers in ICT and everything else regarding IT. This means you will see everything related to IT instead of only finding Account Managers.
" " If you are searching for "Account Managers" that means you will only find Account Managers instead of the two different terms. "Account" and "Manager".
* Let's say you are searching for recruitment, recruiting and recruiter. By using recr*, you will find all of these terms. However, you will also find recreation. Therefore, be careful while using this. It can help you shorten your string, for example by searching for recruit."

Error messages for Boolean search are displayed for incorrect queries:


🚀 And now you are ready to start using the BooleanSearch with all the operators and modifiers.

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