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*PLEASE NOTE: These features are not included by default. To access them, contact your Customer Success or your Cleverconnect sales representative.


In the Company Contents section you can find all the editable contents of your company:
Campaigns, Media, Profiles and Questionnaires







In the 'Campaigns' section you can view all campaigns of your company and filter them by user or team, by language and by recruitment type to find them more easily.






Through this section you will be able to check the settings of a specific campaign and edit a campaign if necessary.


How to edit a campaign:

To edit a campaign, first click on 'Company Contents' and then on 'Campaigns'.

At this point, enter the name of the campaign to be edited in the search bar or use the filters (e.g. enter the name of the user who created the campaign to see only his campaigns)


Once you find the campaign, click on it.




At this point, you land on the recap page of all campaign settings.



From here, by clicking on one of the points in the different sections, you can change all the settings.

- In the first section "SETTINGS" you can change the campaign settings



Then make the change you want and click 'Save'.




In the second section "VIDEO QUESTIONS" we can edit the video questions.

*The change made concerns the questionnaire. If this questionnaire is used in another campaign, this one will also be affected.




Then make the change you want and click on 'Save'.




In the second section "WRITTEN QUESTIONS" (if present) you can edit the written questions




Then make the change you want and click on 'Next'.




In the last section "CUSTOMIZATION" you can edit or put welcome and thank you videos and the invitation email.


Then make the change you want and click 'Save'.






Media Library

In the 'Media Library' section you can view all media uploaded by your company.




Here you can add new media, edit, share, duplicate or delete existing media.


How to add new media

Once you have logged into the Media Library, you will see a blue 'Add a media' button at the top of the screen.

  1.  Click on "Add a media"

  2. Choose whether to upload a file directly from your computer (taking care to respect the weight and format requirements) or to record a video directly from your webcam


  3. Choose a name for your media, the language and finally with which teams you want it to be shared



Once finished, you will find the newly added media in the media list:




How to delete, edit, duplicate and share media

To delete, edit, duplicate and share media, simply go to the media list and choose the media on which you want to perform one of these actions.



  • Then click on the three dotst o the right of the media:


  • If you want to change e.g. the title, the type of media (welcome or greeting, question video etc.) click on "Edit", make the changes and finally click on "Validate".


  • If you want to delete it, click on "Delete".


  •  If you want to duplicate it and share it with someone, click on "Duplicate and share" and at this point change the Media Title and other settings if necessary, then share with a team or all teams


The duplicate media will become your property, while the original media will of course remain the property of the person who entered it.

Therefore, you will be able to find the duplicate media in the 'My media' section in your Visiotalent recruiter account.





In the 'Profiles' section you can view all profiles used by your company.




Here you can add new profiles, edit, share, or delete existing ones.


What is a Profile? If one or more recruiters do not want their personal information (name, surname) to be visible to candidates (in the invitation email or within the video interview itself), they can ask us to create a generic profile from which sending invitations, which they can call for example "Talent Aquisition Team".


How to create a profile

  • Go to the "Company Contents".
    ... then click on the "Profiles" section







Fill in the following fields




The data that must necessarily be entered are:
- The profile name(which will not be shown in the invitation email)
- The first name and surname, which must, however, be a generic name, such as 'Talent Acquisition Team'
- if possible, the company logo


In this way, the recruiter's signature will be anonymous and he/she will only have to select the profile when creating (or editing) the campaign. This is how the signature will be displayed:




Furthermore, it is possible to share this profile with an entire team: 




otherwise, by default, it will be shared with all teams in your company: 




How to edit/delete a profile

To delete/edit a profile, go to the profile list (simply enter the Profiles section) and once you find the profile you want to delete or edit, click on the 3 dots to the right of the profile and click on "Delete" to delete it or on "Edit" to edit it:








In the Questionnaires section you can view all questionnaires created by a company.

Here you can add new questionnaires, edit, share, duplicate or delete existing ones.


How to create a questionnaire?

To add a video recording or a written questionnaire, you need to go to the Panel, then click on Company Content and then Questionnaire.




As soon as you have done that, you will get the full list of questionnaires that have been created by your company and you will have the possibility to create a new one.




When creating a new questionnaire, you will have to fill in some mandatory fields, such as the title, language and designate a team to share it that's the case. You will also be able to choose the type of questionnaire (video recording or written questions), and then you click on Next.




All questions must be created from the following page:



Here you will be able to select the amount of preparation and response time the candidate has for the questions. You can also add a video or image to each one if you wish or you can simply delete the questions from this section.


If you go back to the initial page where the button to create the questionnaire is, we will be able to use all the filters and quickly find a specific questionnaire that you would like to modify, duplicate and share or delete by clicking on the 3 dots next to the questionnaire title.






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