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*PLEASE NOTE: These features are not included by default. To access them, contact your Customer Success or your Cleverconnect sales representative.


Through the Settings  section, you can set some settings including: the type of recruitment carried out (external, internal, school), activate the multilingual function, set a maximum response time for all campaigns and the maximum delay time ( time in which the candidate can answer his video interview once the deadline indicated by the recruiter has expired) and finally activate an SSO.



To activate or deactivate actions, simply select or deselect the relevant boxes




Response times

As can be seen, among the settings we find 2 different fields relating to response times:
Maximum response time and the Delay allowed, how do they work?


1. Maximum response time: 
Each time a recruiter opens a new campaign, he or she must decide on a 'Response time' before inviting candidates. When creating the campaign, this response time can be selected by moving the dot from right to left.




In this case, the maximum time I can set for my campaigns is 14 days. Why?
Because in the administration Panel, 14 days has been entered as the maximum response time for my company.


So if, for example, my company has particular recruitment processes for which it wants to give much more (or much less) time to candidates to record their video, I will have to go to the Panel (administration) and then to Setting and change the number of days for my company's 'Maximum Response Time'.

e.g. I want to increase the maximum response time to 20 days where the default maximum time is 14 days:


- I go to Panel and then Setting and click on the number of days in the 'Maximum Response Time' parameter to change the number of days




- I change the 14 days to 20 and click on 'Save settings'



- At this point, if I go back to the Visiotalent recruiter space, I can enter up to 20 days as a response time when creating the campaign.




2. Delay allowed

In addition to the maximum response time, in the administration Panel, there is the possibility to enter an Delay allowed . What is it?

These are additional days in which the candidate can record his video beyond the maximum response time chosen by the recruiter.

For example, if we enter 14 days of "Maximum response time" and then enter 16 days of "Delay allowed" the candidate will have a total of 30 days to record his video.




If the candidate makes his video in the first 14 days, the candidate's response will be "on time", if instead the candidate records his video after the first 14 days but within the 16 days of delay allowed, the candidate's response will still arrive at recruiter but will be reported as "late". 

Practical example:

I have set 14 days on my campaign. I invited a candidate to this campaign on 08/08.

The candidate will be "on time" until 22/08 (14 days), but will still be able to record his video until 07/09 (14 + 16).

If the candidate records his video from 23/08 to 07/09 the recruiter will receive his video but will be reported as "late".

If, on the other hand, the candidate tries to record his video after 07/09, his link will have expired and he will no longer be able to record it.

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